SUCH Warmasters Battleship. Born:1994-01-21. Grandpa to Drakedram Drumfire, who was exported to England 1999.

INT CH, NOR CH, SWE CH, SWE Winner -90 & 91
Lih-Jo's Wille Son Of Fred
Shiarita Royal Prince
Pekehuis Monarch
Oldpekins Miss Moonmist Ofjamestown
Lih-Jo's Princess Carolin GBCH SUCH
Gamble Of Singlewell
Lih-Jo's Royal-Princess
Aneka Dream Boat At Warmaster Sinkiang Dreamscope Sinkiang Only In Dreams
Sinkiang Only Love
Aneka Way To The Stars GBCH
Shiarita Bobby Dazzler
Robeta's Persian Bell