Little Pompom's Prince Valiant, born: 2007-05-03.
Through cooperation with Miss Marie Wixström, kennel Little Pompom's, we have the pleasure to present little "Orvar". After many years dreaming about the world famous bloodlines of Cradarr and Great Elms, we finally have them both in this unique stud dog. The best from England and the best from the USA! Great thanks to Marie how succeeded to get Great Elms Cayleen to Sweden. Cayleen is bred by the living legend of Pom breeders, Mrs. Ruth Beam herself. Her Great Elms Prince Charming II is the only Pom how has become BIS on Westminster. The future is exiting with such a stud in the kennel, he also has 0 0 on his knees and a correct coat.

Pomanna Silver Sensation At Jacobia GBCH
Cradarr Military Tattoo
Cradarr Military Man
Cradarr Fanfare Of Cabana
Pomanna Blue Ice Cradarr Chieftain
Pomanna Silver Ghost
Great Elms Cayleen USCH
Great Elms Little Cricket
Great Elms Little Fonzi
Chip-A-Ways Terrific Lisa
Great Elms Sweet Sue Ii USCH
Great Elms Little Cricket
Great Elms Snookums