Cradarr Military Legacy, born: 2006-06-20

We are deeply grateful and much honored, to get the last son of the legendary CH Cradarr Military Tattoo to Sweden. Grate thanks to Miss Janet Burke, Jacobian, and Mrs. Pauline Wallace, Cradarr, for the wonderful "Dillan". He is incredibly sound, has 0 0 on his knees and has a terrific temperament. His first puppies looks very promising, and we are sure that Dillan will become an excellent and famous stud dog..

Cradarr Military Tattoo
Cradarr Military Man Linak Apache
Cradarr Fascination
Cradarr Fanfare Of Cabana Cradarr Choir Boy
Ebony Lady
Vaders Crystal Silver For Cradarr Parapom Black Jack Parapom Elbas Flow
Parapom Kourima
Vaders Ice Queen Trenarwyn Ebony Ice Master
Vaders Crystal Rainbow