19 months

2 years
SUCH Drakedram Oh Oh Im On Fire. Born: 2002-10-08.
Oh Oh was a wonderful bitch with much of the world famous Livanda Kennel in her pedigree. Oh Oh got 2 litters and left us too early. Her success in the ring tough showed that she was of highest quality. She became Champion in short time and became on 4 shows BOP 4 times in a row.

Livanda Micklee De-Canio
Livanda Micklee Mataho
Livanda Ragant's Jo-Dee Of Micklee
Stsanja Tenderly Love Livanda
Stsanja I Believe At Livanda Pendenrah Simon-Jo
Stsanja Think Twice At Trendylook
Drakedram Sea Breeze NORDV-99 SUCH SV-01 SV-99
Genisim Wot A Bee
Bramblesfields Bee's Wing
Genisim Perchance To Dream
Lavinia Mist Of Livanda
Shawmar Dylan Of Livanda
Micklee Ru's Regina