SUCH Genisim Sylvester
FINUCH FINV-99 SUCH Drakedram Drumfire
SUCH Lavinia Mist Of Livanda
FINUCH FINV-99 SUCH SV-01 Drakedram Play Misty For Me
Drakedram Oh Oh Im On Fire
SUCH Warmasters Battleship
SUCH Drakedram Man's Springtime Passion
SUCH Micklee Ru's Manilo
SUCH Drakedram Solid Gold
SUCH FINUCH Drakedram Man's Drago & Man's Golden Delicious
SUCH, SV-05 Drakedram The Tiger Cat
SUCH SV-01,05 NOR-99 Genisim Wot A Bee
SUCH SV-03 Livanda Micklee De-Canio
SE UCH Drakedram The Viking
SE UCH Drakedram Redstone
SUCH Bramblefields The Fall Guy
SUCH Drakedram Flame Of The Dragon
With over 3000 years of history, the Pekingese is one of the worlds oldest breeds. The Pekingese is a ancient temple dog originating in China, where they were the favored pet of the Chinese Imperial court. The Pekingese was a guardian spirit as they resembled Chinese lions, who protected the temple against evil spirits. The rules for having a Pekingese was very strict, and for hundreds of years there was a death penalty for owning a Pekingese outside the Imperial court.

The breed originated in China in antiquity, in the city of Peking most likely from Asian wolves. During the Second Opium War, in 1860, the Forbidden City was invaded by allied troops. The Emperor Xianfeng had fled with all of his court. However an elderly aunt of the emperor remained. When the "foreign devils" entered, she committed suicide. She was found with her five Pekingese mourning her passing. The dogs were removed by the Allies before the palace was burnt, and presented as gifts to high members of English society. One of them was a gift to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, who named it Looty.

Empress Dowager Cixi eventually presented the Pekingese to several Americans (including the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt), with the words:

Let the Lion Dog be small; let it wear the swelling cape of dignity around its neck; let it display the billowing standard of pomp above its back.

Let its body be shaped like that of a hunting lion spying for its prey.

These dogs have a big influence in our breeding. As much as we miss them, we admire their offspring, who honor the memory of these wonderful dogs.