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Pomeranian is a toy dog in the spitz family. Originated from northern Sweden and Greenland as a sled dog, the Pomeranian was brought to the Pomerania region in Central Europe (today's Germany & Poland), who improved the coat and bred the dogs down for city living.

At this time the dog was not a toy dog. They were still about 20 pounds or more before reaching England in the 1800's, as hunting dogs. They were then called ”spitzdog”.
Without success as hunting dogs some miniature dogs were saved by chance, and these dogs became more popular in England.

Queen Charlotte first introduced these Pomeranians to the English nobility; however, the Pom gained international popularity when her granddaughter Victoria returned from vacation in Florence, Italy with a red sable Pomeranian named Marco. Another famous dog the Queen owned was Gina who became Champion at the London Dog Shows.

Queen Victoria became so fond of her Pomeranians, that when lying on her deathbed, she asked one of her servants to bring her favorite Pom Turi to lie at her side.

The Poms popularity has always been strong, especially amongst famous Europeans. For example:

Michelangelo - His Pomeranian sat on a silk pillow and watched him while he painted the Sistine Chapel.

Sir Isaac Newton - He's Pomeranian, Diamond knocked down a candle and burned up important documents.

Also Mozart, Chopin and Martin Luther had Pomeranians.

These dogs have a big influence in our breeding. As much as we miss them, we admire their offspring, who honor the memory of these wonderful dogs.