We have during many years exported dogs all around the world. Many foreign kennels breed with our bloodlines with great success. Through Internet and good connections, the world of dog sports are much more open than when we started with Pomeranian's and Pekingese's in the 60's. We put much importance in our exports, were only the best is good enough. Trough our good exports we have also gain the opportunity to receive grate breeding lines back to us. We have good experience in export rules, and are used to communicate with airlines etc.
Drakedram Apricot Princess
Drakedram The Flying Dutchman
Drakedram Mr Bean
Drakedram Mr Dumbledore
Drakedram Singapore Sling
NUCH, SUCH Drakedram Crossfire
NORDJV-03 FINUCH Drakedram Deep Dive
Drakedram Dumper Mania
Drakedram The Mega Drum
SUCH Drakedram Mini Mania
Drakedram The Nordic Star
NUCH, SUCH Drakedram One More Try
Drakedram Royal Dandelion
Drakedram Saturn At Oltenia

Drakedram Wine And Roses
Drakedram Dream On
Drakedram Butterball
Drakedram She Is The One
Drakedram Sun Fox
Drakedram The Wild Wolf At Jacobian
Drakedram Paradise Passion
Drakedram Raven Wing
Drakedram Devil Dance
Drakedram The Scandinavian Star
Drakedram Dragon Fly
Drakedram Silver Dream