SUCH, SV-03 Livanda Micklee De-Canio, born: 2000-09-14.
Imported in 2001 to our kennel.
"Oscar" is little brother to the famous GBCH Livanda Micklee Ginola.

Livanda Micklee Mataho
Livanda Ragant's Jo-Dee Of Micklee
Micklee Royale Ragant Of Livanda
Micklee Ru's Saffire
Stsanja Tenderly Love Livanda GBCH
Stsanja Here I Go Again
Adiva When I'm Good And Ready
Stsanja I Believe At Livanda Pendenrah Simon-Jo GBCH
Nowai Harvey Moon
Pendenrah Mary Jo
Stsanja Think Twice At Trendylook Toytown Sweet William Of Brunlea
Adiva When I'm Good And Ready